YDM (Yello Digital Marketing) is a one-stop answer to digital marketing.

Comprised of leading companies in digital marketing, YDM provides everything from creative digital marketing strategy to mobile ad network platform as well as viral and SNS marketing platform, to make sure users reach their target audience.


Ad Agency provides comprehensive services to advertisers ranging from digital marketing strategy to creative consulting and operating marketing campaigns.


AdQUA is an advertising agency providing a total solution, including interactive digital video contents, digital ads, and social media necessary in the digital age.


Innobirds Studio is Korea’s number 1 social media company servicing top 20 corporate clients and brands. Innobirds was Asia’s first company to receive Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) badge, and only the fourth company in the world to receive all four PMD badges. Innobirds is also the only Korean company to be named Official Facebook Partner in the community management category.


e-motion is Korea’s oldest digital agency composed of experts in consulting, creative, and technology sectors, and provides a fully comprehensive digital service.


Yello Story is a leading content marketing company with strong technical skills. Yello Story provides services for Korean blogs, SNS marketing, as well as online marketing services in China.


AdTech Platform connects digital marketing campaigns to digital media to enhance the effectiveness of digital marketing.


RecoBell is a big data analytics firm, and leverages its big data algorithms to analyze data and to use such results to personalize and automate the marketing process.


FutureStream Networks is Korea’s first ad tech company to launch a mobile advertising network platform called “Cauly”. Based on its strong technical background, the company plans to expand its business globally, starting from Southeast Asia and beyond.