Yello Media & Vertical Apps is a mobile contents portal offering apps in various categories to meet users’ entertainment needs.

It includes Pikicast, which delivers curated mobile contents, as well as Alarmon, 1km, Poing and other apps designed to provide diverse user-centric contents.


Media & Content division distributes useful and fun contents directly to the users.


Pikicast is a contents platform, producing and distributing a variety of contents. The service has been growing rapidly, with the app having been downloaded over 11,000,000 times and has over 2,700,000 monthly active users, and an average of 25,000 daily content views. Pikicast is growing by producing its own original contents through the introduction of “Piki Toon”, “Piki Pictures”, “Piki On-air”, and “Piki Live”.


Jihachul provides the latest real-time subway information with a simple user friendly interface.


AlarmMon: Helps users wake up with an app that provides variety of alarms and games.


1km is a location based social network that allows users to find and connect with people within a 1 kilometer radius.